Southern tales from a southern girl


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Every class has that one weird kid.  The kid that loves horses and drawing and reads too many books.  The only kid in the room that gets excited anytime she gets to be creative in an assignment and lives to write papers and make projects and presentations.  I was that kid. I once made a suit of armor for an oral book report on Joan of Arc. More often than not I found myself in the minority with my interests and passions.  Even years later - here well into adulthood I’m still that weird, crafty, artistic woman in the office that reads and writes and crochets on her lunch break while listening to a podcast.  But I learned a long time ago, do what makes you happy! I’ve been marching to my own drum for so long now I don’t know any other way to live. So if you love art, music, cooking, history, and generally living a life full of what makes you happy and fulfilled you’re at the right place.   

Most days you can find me navigating the stormy seas of insurance sales while dreaming of riding my horses or riding the backroads with my camera.  I’m known as Lana, Lanita, Toots, and Momma. I love good food, good horses, and good art. But most importantly I love my family and that is what has the greatest influence on my work.  I want my daughter to know our family history and the history of where she lives. It’s not much but I can give her what knowledge I have with my words and my pictures. So here’s your invite to follow along and share this journey with me!  I’d love to hear from you so don’t feel shy about commenting on posts or even sending me an email. I would love to hear what you think.

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