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A big change....


Hello and welcome to my new home! I've been going back and forth about building an entire new website for my blog and everything else for a few years now.  Honestly I've become frustrated with how blogger works.  My biggest frustration has been the wonky layout and how I can never ever get it to look the way I want it to.  I just want a simple, stripped down look that allows my writing and photography to be the focus.  I've never been one for complicated and fussy layouts so I've been shopping for a while now for a new home.  All sites have their pros and cons and I finally decided to go with squarespace.  I won't say figuring out how this site works has been a piece of cake, but what I will say is that the website has a ton of tutorials and a very good help page.  I've defnitely been burning up the search bar answering my questions.  It's not quite perfect, but it's closer to what I see in my mind's eye for a website.  Blogger has been really good to me, and I hate to leave after building an audience over there, but honestly I think it's time to make the commitment for my own domain name.  I'm excited for the future and what I can create here.  So if you've followed me, thank you so much!  Have a look around and let me know what you think.  Until next time lovelies!

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