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Life lately...

Hello my lovely dear hearts! I know I’ve been MIA for a while and all I can say is that the summer was busy, work is a hot mess, and I’ve been trying to sort myself out physically for a while now.  I finally got some test results back that answered some questions I’ve had for the last few years about my health - namely I don’t have chronic fatigue or hypothyroidism like I thought but my testosterone (yes ladies we have testosterone), B12, and Vitamin D were are extremely low.  And when I say low I mean a half to a third of where they should be. Long story short I’ve been battling some severe fatigue, feeling run down all the time no matter how much I would sleep, and honestly some depressive episodes that left me feeling like doing nothing but fading into the recliner every night and just staring at the tv.  I’m on some injections and oral supplements and am feeling much more like myself. It’s not something that’s going to fix itself overnight but overall I feel like maybe I have a gameplan to get back to feeling more myself.  

I haven’t been posting much on here but I have been busy.  I recently finished this quilt for my longsuffering, patient husband.  It’s a Christmas-Anniversary-Birthday present that he has been waiting on for a year and a half.  I think it came out absolutely beautiful and thankfully he loves it too. (If not I was keeping it or selling it.  Someone was going to use it.)  And please don’t mind the blury iPhone pic. I’m just too lazy to take another one.


I also entered another juried photo exhibition held by the Mississippi Heritage Trust in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the 10 most endangered places in Mississippi.  The 10 Most Endangered Places is a list they publish every year listing the most endangered historically significant places in the state of Mississippi. I am so excited and honored to have a piece in this show.  You can read more about the Mississippi Heritage Trust HERE, the exhibition HERE, and the jurors Due South Co-Op HERE.   P.s. if you go look at the exhibition you can see my work and all the others that will be in the show. It’s a great looking show, please go take a look and let me know what you think!


I’ve also been editing some pictures like this one: 


And learning some new photoshop tips and tricks.

(If you take this picture I will hunt you down. It had about a dozen power line across the top that I edit out. You are forwarded. I will cast a hex on your whole clan if you steal this pic.)

And in the most important news to happen to my world in a while is I got a new camera! My ten year old D90 died about a month ago while I was working on images to enter the juried exhibition above. I had been thinking I would like a new camera in the next year but honestly this wasn’t something I was looking forward to having to replace.  My mom and dad got me my new camera as an early birthday present. To say I am thankful and blessed to have two awesome parents is an understatement. They have always been so supportive of everything I’ve ever wanted to do in life (that list is long and we ain’t got time for that today) and continue to be the two of the biggest supporters that I have.  I’m the proud momma to a brand new in the box D7500. I have to say if you’re in the market for a new camera Abe’s of Maine is the place to go. They definitely had the best deal for this camera body and even called my mom to offer a discount on the three year extended warranty. So I cannot wait to get out there and start taking pictures and see what this bad boy can do.  I’ve been busily watching youtube videos to figure out the basic functions and learn all the bells and whistles I can. I’m a happy little photo monkey at the moment. Time to get inspired and make some new work!

Yall are the best my lovelies!  Be on the lookout for new things from me in the months to come.  Love yall!