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Journaling and writing


When I was in art school we were encouraged (or mandated if you will) to have a sketchbook on our person at all times. It was a record of our thoughts, ideas, inspirations, basically dumping ground for your brain.  It was a place to work out concepts, jot down your thoughts, and dream. I also used mine to schedule my week, organize my assignments, basically keep up with my very, very, busy college life. When I got out of college I kept up the habit for several years and as you do somewhere between starting a new career and having a kid I fell out of the habit. A couple of years ago now when I decided to start taking my writing and blogging more seriously I tried all kinds of planners in an attempt to increase my organization and productivity.  I even tried bullett journaling and finally went back to what worked in college - a black hardback sketchbook with an elastic closure and holder for a pencil or a pen (I prefer pencil as it doesn't smudge if you spill coffee on it.) This one is a little over a year old and almost full. I'm trying to work my way through a short story and looked over and sort of felt accomplished. There is a lot of work and planning and hopes for the future in that book. Anyone else keep a sketchbook/journal/notebook? Tell me in the comments what your favorite type of journal is.  

Hope the summer is treating you well my lovelies!

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