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Podcast #2 Shownotes - Dear Momma


Podcast #2 is in the books and online now!  Currently, it's on the Anchor app and on the Anchor website, but check iTunes soon it will be there. 

For this episode, I read a new Dear Momma letter like the ones I've posted to the blog here. Here's the text for that letter: 

Dear Momma,

Parent-teacher night looms large on the calendar this week. The first day of school Monday feels like a mountain you do not want to climb this year. The daily rush begins of get dressed, get all the things organized, and get out the door on time. Don’t yell. Don’t be frustrated. Arrive early enough for a kiss and a picture before work, and encourage your tiny fighter to slay that mythical monster sized ball of nerves she’s brought with her to the first day of school. Let’s have done with that and leave it in the parking lot, shall we?  

In the back of my mind, it brings back flashbacks of my school years.  Will they like my shoes? Will they like my backpack? Please dear Lord let some of those boys have grown over the summer so I’m still not taller than them. Will my teacher like me? Will I get teased _again_ this year? I was a picture of imperfect hair, imperfect nails, a farmer’s tan from the hay field and showing horses, sweaty calloused hands, and a hopeful smile as I would board the bus. At least she doesn’t have to ride the bus.   

Dear Momma, whether you’re a hot mess mom like me flying by the seat of her pants or the cool, poised, polished one with perfect kids whose hair is perfect with their matching backpack/lunchbag sets I love you and I support you. I hope you’ll be a little patient with me when I fly by you in the hall Monday morning checking my watch trying to decide if I have time for one more kiss before I leave. Next year she’ll probably be too cool to kiss mom on the first day of school.  And I will try not to be jealous of your seeming flawlessness that just by comparison to me looks even more impressive.

Dear Momma, I promise to be ever vigilant of how my child treats your child and will encourage her at every turn to be a good and faithful friend that accepts people as they are. I hope that you would do the same.

Oh and dear sweet patient teacher momma my thoughts and prayers go with you this year. Dear sweet 1st-grade teacher, I know you’re not going to get the benefit of naptime like your K-5 counterpart so at 2 o’clock when the meltdowns start I will for sure say a special prayer for you. I know this transition to true big kid school may or may not go smoothly but I know you’re doing your best.  Thank you for teaching my child. Thank you for making this your mission in life. Thank you for everything you do. Especially for all the things we never see and never hear about.

Dear Momma, it’s a new school year. A new opportunity for your little (or big) one. It’s also a new year for you, so don’t worry about last year. Let it stay there. Stay! Stay in the past. We’ve got places to go and academic ass to kick.

Start fresh. Start new.  

Love ya, Momma. 

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